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Dr Mike Joy

Dr Mike Joy is a freshwater ecologist and science communicator. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. In 2013 he was a recipient of the Royal Society of New Zealand Charles Fleming Award for protection of the New Zealand environment.

Ted Montague, MSs.

Ted Montague is a geothermal project specialist with a wide-ranging commercial background in the Natural Resources Sector. He has worked on major geothermal projects in New Zealand and overseas and is currently Geothermal Development Manager at Contact Energy

Julie Crengle, LLB (Hons), BCA

Julie Crengle specialises in corporate, commercial and securities law. She is the sole practitioner in Crengle Shreves & Ratner, a boutique commercial law firm in Wellington focused on delivering high quality and tailored services to clients.

Dr Don Abel

Dr Don Abel was formerly a senior commercial banking executive and Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. He presently works with the World Bank on remittances in Pacific Island countries.

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Our Purpose

The crisis of climate change is profound and the question that Boomers need to answer is “what legacy will we leave our children and grandchildren?”

In a world where environmental, economic, technical and social issues are complex and interrelated, it is difficult for us to see what should be done. Yet, in our hearts, we know that the protection of the environment should take precedence if future generations are to be saved from an impending tragedy.

Our purpose is to shift beyond fine words and emotion to practical, science-based, countermeasures to climate change. This can be achieved, first, by supporting the publication of quality articles in traditional and new media that inform readers of where tangible improvements can be made; and, secondly, by providing modest financial support to the authors of these quality articles who, for the most part, will be drawn from the generation that will have to confront and deal with climate change.

Our recent additions are provided by Chris Hedges, a journalist and prolific writer based in New York and Max Rashbrooke, also a journalist and writer, working at Victoria University of Wellington.

The article from Chris discusses the rise and fall of civilisations, the forces that lead to their decline and what may be in store for the future of the planet. While, in the article from Max, high income individuals are shown to have a disproportionally greater impact on global warming than those on low incomes. 

Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much or doing much about climate change. Today we have no excuse.
Desmond Tutu